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15 Jul 2017

Most Important Home Recording Equipment and Supplies


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Posted By Sylvester B.

Home recording equipment and supplies ensure quality audio output. There are several essential home recording devices.

On top of the list of home recorders are microphones. Microphones include dynamic microphones used for stage and studio. It is not required to use phantom power. It is compatible to use with snare drums and guitar cabs. Dynamic mikes are more durable. Condenser microphones on the other hand need phantom power. Ideally it is equipped with a large two diaphragm capsule and allows 3 directional patterns. Another distinction in mikes is its sound receiving capability or how it picks up sound - the difference between "omni-directional" and "directional" mikes. Directional mikes derive sound in a place directly before the microphone. The omni-directional mikes gather sound equally from all directions. A "cardioid" mike is the most common type of directional mike because it picks up audio thru a heart-shaped pattern radiating out from the front part of the microphone. The difference between mono and stereo mikes is that mono mikes record a one channel audio while stereo mikes derive audio from different signals with the help of a stereo recording device. Other microphone accessories include boom stands, mounts, pop filters, windscreens, transformers and stand arms. Windscreens have mike foam or cloth cover to reduce noise and ideally the fuzzy fabric type is the most effective type.

Headphones are used to monitor environmental noise, sound levels and generally recording quality.

Cables connect recording equipments and instruments. This includes instrument cables, microphone cables, connectors, adapters, cable organizers, cable testers, speaker cables, digital audio cables, pedal cables and adapter cables. Average good cable seems to cost in the range of 75 cents through $2.00 Speakers and loudspeakers are essential instruments to the sound being produced in side the recording studio. Good loudspeakers, efficient amplifiers and sub bass units should be prioritized.

Computers are important in home recording. It should have a required amount of processing and ram. Both Macintosh and Windows are acceptable platforms or operating systems that can be used.

Moveable compact disk recorders, direct-to-CD field recorder, DAT recorders, straight to laptop recording, standard mini disc recorders and Hi- MD recorders are audio recording equipments.

Digital audio workstations, software & audio interfaces include sequencers for digital audio and MIDI, software synthesizers and samplers, audio effects software, interactive composing software, computer sample CDs, dj software, educational software and CD burning software. These supplies are used for mixing, editing, recording and mastering computer. The existence of freeware for beginners in home recording is a good way to practice when recording a few of tracks. One example of freeware is Audacity. When using Macintosh operating system, the recommended audio recording software includes iLife, logic and logic express software. In order to convert analog signals from instruments and recording it to the computer one must have a digital-analog converter or the sound card. There are two sound cards: the high end and the outboard model. The high end soundcard is plugged into the motherboard while the outboard is attached thru an usb or fire wire with power source. High end soundcards are cheaper and ideal for beginners.

Last but not the least one item that can be useful in home recording is a video tutorial kit. One example is the Music Producer Pro which includes practical advice and demonstrations on music production.


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