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M-Audio: Interfaces Made Easy

Getting started to set-up your own home music studio doesn't need to be complicated. To get started there are a few key pieces of equipment and the audio interface is one of them. An audio interface converts analogue sound from instruments to zero and ones so your computer can understand and the opposite taking zero and ones the computer understands back to analogue sound for your speakers to playback. For serious recording that requires adequate sample and bit rate an audio interface is a very important tool. Once you connect your audio interface your computer will download the right drivers and next time you start up your recording software it will detect the new hardware and you are on your way to making pro recordings.Personally I think M-Audio makes great entry level gear for the home music studio and the Fast Track Pro is really no different. The option to record up to 24bit at 96khz shows that the Fast Track Pro means business considering the standard is 16bit at 44.1Khz. This audio interface also come...


Vocals: Recording The Perfect Take

Here you are, palm sweaty, at the thought of recording vocals. The weakest link in my recordings for a long time was recording vocals, I sure didn't like the days I was pulling out the vocal mics. However, over time I tried some simple techniques and it got easier. The room you record in, getting a nice performance, microphone technique and the right tools need to come together and get executed properly.I probably sound like a broken record by now but the room you record in plays a big role in your recordings. the idea when recording vocals is to isolate the talent within your room so you don't get reflected sound into the recording and you don't record the room. To achieve this you can use sound barriers or vocal booths this will minimize any early reflections from the talent as well as keeping outside noise out like your humming fridge or traffic. Here is a little tip, you can use anything as sound barriers like pillows, blankets, mattresses, carpet etc. Whatever you can do to create a small "sound manageab...


Most Important Home Recording Equipment and Supplies

Home recording equipment and supplies ensure quality audio output. There are several essential home recording devices. On top of the list of home recorders are microphones. Microphones include dynamic microphones used for stage and studio. It is not required to use phantom power. It is compatible to use with snare drums and guitar cabs. Dynamic mikes are more durable. Condenser microphones on the other hand need phantom power. Ideally it is equipped with a large two diaphragm capsule and allows 3 directional patterns. Another distinction in mikes is its sound receiving capability or how it picks up sound - the difference between "omni-directional" and "directional" mikes. Directional mikes derive sound in a place directly before the microphone. The omni-directional mikes gather sound equally from all directions. A "cardioid" mike is the most common type of directional mike because it picks up audio thru a heart-shaped pattern radiating out from the front part of the microphone. The difference between mono a...


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